Now accepting new patients! TeleHealth Providers

Please see the Telehealth Appointment Instructions for step by step instructions on how to access your scheduled video session.

**Note: Virtual waiting rooms are not intended for on-demand care. All Telehealth sessions are by appointment only and must be scheduled in advance.


Elizabeth Wray, NP

RoomID: ElizabethW

Yun Mi Kim, NP

RoomID: yunmi

Steven Levy, MD

RoomID: stevelevy

Paul Alves, NP

RoomID: paul

Mildred Fajardo, MD

RoomID: mildred

Scott Ambrass, NP

RoomID: scott

Elizabeth Adwa, CRNP

RoomID: elizabethA

Fitz Martin, NP

RoomID: fitz


David Galbraith, LCSW

RoomID: david

Fari Thompson, LCSW

RoomID: fari

Lori Peta, LPC

RoomID: lori

Kyle Holsinger, PsyD

RoomID: kyle

Cara Dyson-O’Connor, LPC

RoomID: cara

Judy Rader, LMFT

RoomID: judy

Wendy Martini, LCSW

RoomID: wendy

Lauren Napolitano, PsyD

RoomID: lauren

Jennifer Hammond, LPC

RoomID: jennifer

Theresa McCaul, LMFT


Maryn Penning, LPC

RoomID: maryn

Heather Callaghan Walsh, LCSW

RoomID: heather

Julie Williams, LPC

RoomID: julie

Bob Anderson, LCSW

RoomID: BobA

Kimberly Gora Buck, LCSW

RoomID: kimberly

Stacey Gill, LCSW

RoomID: stacey

Margaret Mary Albright, LPC

RoomID: margaretmary

Allison Holdip, LPC

RoomID: allisonH

Barbara Kelly, LPC

RoomID: barbara

Marjory Levitt, PhD

RoomID: marjory

Mary Dougherty, MA

RoomID: mary

Dale Yorker, PhD

RoomID: dale

Bob Palladino, MEd

RoomID: bobP

Gregory Tucker, PhD

RoomID: greg

Lois Figueroa, LPC

RoomID: lois

Helson Meirino, LCSW

RoomID: helson

Dorothy Gjurin, LPC

RoomID: dorothy

Dermot Curtin, LPC

RoomID: dermot

Pasquale Russoniello, MA

RoomID: pasquale

John Gentry, PsyD

RoomID: John

Katie Craig, LPC

RoomID: Katie

Kim Baron, PhD

RoomID: kimB

Theresa Armandi, LPC

RoomID: terry

Kristin Jackson, PsyD

RoomID: kristin

Kathleen Shannon, LPC

RoomID: kathie

Marge Rubin, PsyD

RoomID: marge

Brianna Thero, LPC

RoomID: brianna

Amy Vaccaro, LCSW

RoomID: amy

Laura Russo, PsyD, LCSW

RoomID: laura

Michael Coppens, LCSW

RoomID: mike

Janet Roenne, LPC

RoomID: Janet

Joel Esterman, MEd

RoomID: joel

Sandy Thompson, LPC

RoomID: sandy

Charles Wilson, EdD

RoomID: chet

Brittny Jordan (Suchy), LPC

RoomID: brittny

Kelli Schweitzer, LCSW

RoomID: kelli

Jilda Green, PhD

RoomID: jilda

Beverly White, PsyD, LCSW

RoomID: beverly

Susan Wagner, LPC

RoomID: susan

Samuel Schlenker, LPC

RoomID: samuel

Dan Brown, LPC

RoomID: danB

Joe Lipiarski, LPC

RoomID: joe

Marla McCulloch, LCSW

RoomID: marla

Maddi-Jane Sobel, LCSW

RoomID: maddi

Joanna Frederick, LCSW

RoomID: joanna

Erika Kawamura, PsyD

RoomID: erika

Paree Stoulis, LCSW

RoomID: paree

Allison Basso, LMFT

RoomID: allisonB

Jason Vastardis, LPC

RoomID: jason

Steve Simminger, PhD

RoomID: steveS

Claudia Wood, LCSW

RoomID: Claudia

Olayinka Ajayi, MD

RoomID: olayinka

Cathy McNally, LCSW

RoomID: cathy