Helpful Hints to Maximize Your Therapy

The therapists and staff at LifeStance Health want you to maximize your therapeutic experience, and we have included a list of considerations for you to review.
Suggestions for clients:
1. Prepare for sessions. For example, before your session think about what you want to discuss and what important issues you want addressed. Be honest in therapy. There is nothing that is too trivial to talk about. If you are thinking about something, please share it with your therapist. Do not cancel your appointment because you have nothing to say. Often this is when a session will be very productive.
2. If you have questions or concerns about your therapy, please first share them with your therapist.
3. It is helpful to revisit your treatment goals with your therapist regularly.
4. Please discuss any issues of concern with your therapist. Whether you are considering an office change, a therapist change, or concerning issue, your therapist should be able to work this through with you. The main office team is available to discuss any issues that cannot be clarified in therapy.
5. Please notify the LifeStance Health office immediately with any changes in your insurance coverage or demographic changes.
6. Most insurance plans will not cover more than one mental health appointment per day. For example, you cannot see both a psychiatrist and your therapist on the same day.
7. To maximize your therapy time, scheduling your next appointment at beginning of session may make more effective use of your therapy time. Also, it would be efficient to have your payment ready before you come into the session or keep a credit card on file.
8. Please make every effort to cancel appointments with 24-hour notice. There is a late cancellation / missed appointment fee.
9. If you miss an appointment and have not been able to respond to your therapist’s phone calls to reschedule, your information will be closed. You can resume treatment simply by calling your therapist or the main office to restart treatment.

Therapist Responsibilities:
1. Your therapist should be fully present and engaged in your treatment.
2. Your therapist should provide honest and direct feedback and recommendations.
3. Your therapist should be open and sensitive to any concerns you may have about therapy and your treatment.
4. Your therapist should be on time (barring an emergency) and return your calls the same day (at least within 24 hours).

Specific Issues: We are unable to assist with disability applications. While we can send medical records to your providers, we do not have the administrative capabilities to complete and update disability processes. Similarly, we are not forensic psychologists and do not coordinate with court ordered treatment and requirement such as custody evaluations.
Please feel free to contact the administrative office for any additional question or clarification of our services. 610-892-3800.