Helpful Tips for your Psychiatry Session

1. Please bring your medications available for your appointment.

2. Please schedule your next psychiatric appointment as soon as possible. Sometimes the prescribers’ doctor’s schedule gets very full, so please schedule as early as possible to get a time and day you can attend. (610-892-3800 press #2).

3. The prescriber needs to see you in person with a scheduled appointment. LifeStance Health does not have a walk-in or emergency service. You may see the doctor only at regularly scheduled appointments or under special arrangements. Telemedicine is increasing in use, and your individual situation can be reviewed for potential use in medication management appointments.

4. In order to see the psychiatrist, you must be actively engaged in psychotherapy. In addition to working on treatment goals and skills, your therapist can monitor and update how you are adjusting to the medication and can share with the prescriber how you are progressing in treatment.

5. There will be an administrative charge for additional prescriptions called in to pharmacies. If you lose your prescription, or need a prescription called in because of a missed appointment, there is an additional fee. No fee is added on as long as you maintain regularly scheduled appointments. Your prescriber will tell you when to schedule your next appointment, or you can call the office to explore this.

6. Please call the main office directly if you need medication. We do not respond to pharmacy requests of medication until we speak with you in order to ensure that you have a scheduled appointment. We cannot call in a medication unless you have a scheduled appointment. A prescription refill outside of an appointment has a charge of $25

7. Know your formulary list. Each insurance company has different medications that they accept and ones that they do not accept. Please be prepared to know what is on your insurance approved medication list. (You can get a copy of this list from your insurance company by telephone or online).

8. Know if your plan requires a three-month prescription. Many plans require that you get medication in a three-month arrangement. Please let your prescriber know if your plan requires this and if you need a shorted prescription to hold you over until the three-month script comes in.

9. Unfortunately, most insurers do not allow a therapy and psychiatry appointment to occur on the same day.

10. Reminder: without 24-hour notice, a missed medication check is $85, and a missed full evaluation is $100.